Welcome to PHCA where Caring is our ultimate objective

Promise Home Care Agency (PHCA) is a community-centered and culturally sensitive business that is focused on delivering quality and affordable home healthcare services to her valued clients. These clients reside primarily in the ethnically and linguistically diverse counties and boroughs of the New York metropolitan and suburban areas.

Owing to increased longevity and advances in modern medicine, the need for home care services has grown exponentially thereby creating a niche market segment for home care services. Consequently, a greater number of the clients we serve in the New York market areas falls within the higher age demographics (senior citizens).


PHCA is driven by excellence in providing clients with quality health and personalized care services that help them deal with illness and disability while maintaining their self-esteem.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a household name in home health care services, and to do so by consistently staying committed to our ideals. By providing reliable, comprehensive, and only the highest quality of home care services to the residents of the Bronx and its environs, we hopefully, would be contributing our fair share to the noble goal of a better life for all, and a healthier population.

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